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The Garden is designed to be a social intranet for impact-driven individuals looking to come together and improve the influence, growth, and development of communities built and supported by minority and BIPOC businesses. Our goal is to provide members with ways to support one another through training, information, and shared resources.

We believe that when people are connected they can achieve more than they ever could alone. That’s why we want everyone in our community – from entrepreneurs just starting out all the way up to seasoned professionals – to have access to tools that will help them grow their business. We know that if we work together as a group it makes us stronger than any one person or company working alone. It’s time for us all to take control of our own futures!

Why Donate with Dragon Lily

Economic development for minority- and women-owned businesses has been a long-standing challenge that is slowing the progress of these communities. Your contribution will help with short-term goals designed to have a lasting generational impact!


We believe that we have a duty to our community, our donors, our volunteers, and each other to be a reliable, ethical, and transparent source of information as we strive to build a new way forward.


We celebrate the collaboration that comes from a group of unique and diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives. We treat our volunteers, our team members, our donors, our partners, and each other with fairness and respect.


We cherish the humanity that lives inside the aspirations and well-being of every individual. That’s why we value the balance that comes from doing the things that bring you joy, power, and purpose in work and at home.


We dedicate ourselves to serving our community and the businesses that support it. We accept we are greater than the sum of our parts and will work with our hands in the soil through acts of kindness, teaching, and comradery.

The Challenge

We often get lost in our own worlds and forget the opportunity to make a difference. The best thing you can do is pay attention because it only takes one small gesture from anyone for change to happen!

So we have to make sure that businesses and people come together by improving our ability to locate each other, support one another, and build a future for us all. That’s our biggest challenge.